R3504-2 - HDA6 (C2) Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal

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Product Name HDA6 (C2) Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal
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Quantity: 100 ul                                                                                         Application: WB

Predicted I Observed M.W.: 53 kDa                                                        Uniprot ID: Q9FML2


HDA6 is responsible for the deacetylation of lysine residues on the N-terminal part of the core histones (H2A, H2B, H3 and H4). HDA6 might remove acetyl residues only from specific targets, such as rDNA repeats or complex transgenes. Histone deacetylation gives a tag for epigenetic repression and plays an important role in transcriptional regulation, cell cycle progression and developmental events. Histone deacetylases act via the formation of large multiprotein complexes. HDA6 is required for rRNA gene silencing in nucleolar dominance. HDA6 plays a role in transgene silencing, but this effect seems to be independent of the histone deacetylase activity.

Other Names:

Histone deacetylase 6, RPD3B, At5g63110, MDC12.7

Source and Purity:

Rabbit polyclonal antibodies were produced by immunizing animals with a GST-fusion protein containing the C-terminal region of arabidopsis thaliana HDA6 (AT5G63110). Antibodies were purified by affinity purification using immunogen. 

Storage Buffer and Condition:

Supplied in 1 x PBS (pH 7.4), 100 ug/ml BSA, 40% Glycerol, 0.01% NaN3. Store at -20 °C. Stable for 6 months from date of receipt.

Species Specificity:

Arabidopsis thaliana

Tested Applications:

WB: 1:500-1:2,000 (detect endogenous protein*)

*: The apparent protein size on WB may be different from the calculated M.W. due to modifications.

Product Data:

HDA6 Antibody Western (Abiocode)

Fig 1. Western blot analysis of total protein
extracts from wild type arabidopsis leaves,
using anti-HDA6 (C2) (R3504-2) at RT for 2 h.