R3420-1 - ABI5 (N) Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal

Catalog No. R3420-1
Product Name ABI5 (N) Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal
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Quantity: 100 ul                                                                               Application: WB

Predicted I Observed M.W.: 47 I 64 kDa                                          Uniprot ID: Q9SJN0


ABI5 participates in ABA-regulated gene expression during seed development and subsequent vegetative stage by acting as the major mediator of ABA repression of growth. ABI5 binds to the embryo specification element and the ABA-responsive element (ABRE) of the Dc3 gene promoter and to the ABRE of the Em1 and Em6 genes promoters. ABI5 can also trans-activate its own promoter, suggesting that it is autoregulated. ABI5 plays a role in sugar-mediated senescence.

Other Names:

Protein ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 5, Dc3 promoter-binding factor 1, AtDPBF1, Protein GROWTH-INSENSITIVITY TO ABA 1, bZIP transcription factor 39, AtbZIP39, BZIP39, DPBF1, GIA1, NEM1, At2g36270, F2H17.12

Source and Purity:

Rabbit polyclonal antibodies were produced by immunizing animals with a GST-fusion protein containing the N-terminal region of arabidopsis thaliana ABI5 (At2g36270). Antibodies were purified by affinity purification using immunogen. 

Storage Buffer and Condition:

Supplied in 1 x PBS (pH 7.4), 100 ug/ml BSA, 40% Glycerol, 0.01% NaN3. Store at -20 °C. Stable for 6 months from date of receipt.

Species Specificity:

Arabidopsis thaliana

Tested Applications:

WB: 1:500-1:2,000 (detect endogenous protein*)

*: The apparent protein size on WB may be different from the calculated M.W. due to modifications.

Product Data:

ABI5 Antibody Western (Abiocode)

Fig 1. A) Western blot of equal amounts of protein extracts from wild type (WT) or ABI5 mutant (Mut) arabidopsis leaves; using anti-ABI5 (N) (R3420-1) at RT for 2 h. The observed ABI5 protein is a doublet of approximately 64kD protein representing the phosphorylated and unphosphorylated forms of ABI5 (Piskurewicz U. et al., Plant Cell, 2008, 20:2729-45). B) Same as A except that protein extracts from human 293T cells transfected with the vector control or Flag-ABI5 were used and filters were probed with the indicated Abs. C) Same as A except that protein extracts from wild type arabidopsis dry seeds (DS) or seeds imbibed for 5 days in the presence of 10uM abscisic acid (ABA) were used. p-ABI5, phosphorylated ABI5.