R0221-vp - BAD (vPairTM) Antibodies

Catalog No. R0221-vp
Product Name BAD (vPairTM) Antibodies
Price $249

Predicted M.W.: 22 kDa                                                                                Uniprot ID: Q61337

Application: WB

Quantity:        50 ul BAD (N) (R0221-1) Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody &

                      50 ul BAD (C) (R0221-2) Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Product Introduction:

vPairTM antibodies represent a pair of fully characterized antibodies that recognize two different regions of a target protein. The product is developed by Abiocode to address whether the signal observed truly represents the protein of interest, an often encountered issue in antibody-based assays. The use of a pair of fully characterized vPairTM antibodies in the same assay can validate signal specificity since vPairTM antibodies recognize two independent epitopes of the same protein. Different sets of vPairTM antibodies are developed at Abiocode to work with specific applications, including antibody arrays, Western blot, IP-Western, ChIP, IHC, and FACS.


Bcl2 antagonist of cell death (BAD) promotes cell death. BAD competes for the binding to Bcl-X(L), Bcl-2 and Bcl-W, thereby affecting the level of heterodimerization of these proteins with BAX. BAD can reverse the death repressor activity of Bcl-X(L), but not that of Bcl-2. BAD appears to act as a link between growth factor receptor signaling and the apoptotic pathways.

Other Names:

Bcl2 antagonist of cell death, Bcl-2-binding component 6, Bcl-xL/Bcl-2-associated death promoter, Bbc6

Source and Purity:

Rabbit polyclonal antibodies were produced by immunizing animals with a GST-fusion protein containing either the N-terminal [BAD (N) (R0221-1)] or the C-terminal [BAD (C) (R0221-2)] regions of mouse BAD. Antibodies were purified by affinity purification using immunogen. 

Storage Buffer and Condition:

Supplied in 1 x PBS (pH 7.4), 100 ug/ml BSA, 40% Glycerol, 0.01% NaN3. Store at -20 °C. Stable for 6 months from date of receipt.

Species Specificity:


Tested Applications: 

WB: 1:1,000-1:5,000 (detect endogenous protein*)

*: The apparent protein size on WB may be different from the calculated M.W. due to modifications.

Product Data:

BAD Antibody Western (Abiocode)

Fig 1. Western blot of total cell extracts from mouse
liver (A, B) or thymus (C), using 2 independent antibodies
against 2 distinct regions of mouse BAD [A: R0221-1
(N-terminal); B, C: R0221-2 (C-terminal)] at RT for 2 h.