We are committed to provide high-quality and cost-effective custom antibody services using a proprietary premier antibody-production technology developed at Abiocode.

Please refer to the following section to choose the type of custom antibody service that will meet your requirements. If you have additional questions or demands, please feel free to contact us.

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies
From Prepared Antigen
From Sequence
Modification Specific
Antibody Purification
Catalog No. Service Name Price View
CSR-E001 Economic Rapid Rabbit Antibody Production $899 Detail
CSR-G003 Guaranteed Antibody Production Service $1399 Detail
CSR-PR002 Antibody Affinity Purification $500 Detail
CSR-PR001 Antibody Purification by Protein A/G $300 Detail
Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies
From prepared Antigen
From Sequence
Modfiication Specific
Ascite Production
Catalog No. Service Name Price View