CSR-E001 - Economic Rapid Rabbit Antibody Production

Catalog No. CSR-E001
Service Name Economic Rapid Rabbit Antibody Production
Price $899

The "Economic Rapid Rabbit Antibody Production" service is performed based on the following conditions:

1. The customer provides about 2.5 mg of protein antigen for immunization.

2. Two Rabbits will be immunized by the following protocol:

Day -1:   Obtain preimmune serum (0.5 to 1 ml)
Day  0:    Immunization (two rabbits)
Day 21:  1st boost
Day 35:  2nd boost
Day 45:  Production bleed  (about 10 to 20 ml)
Day 49:  3rd boost  
Day 59:  Terminal bleed (about 20 to 30 ml)

3. 30 to 50 ml of antiserum will be provided.

4. Allow about 2 weeks for shipping and handling.

4. Custermer retains the exclusive right for the antisera produced. All antisera generated from this service will be delivered to the customer. Information relates to this service will be kept confidential.