CSR-G003 - Guaranteed Antibody Production Service

Catalog No. CSR-G003
Service Name Guaranteed Antibody Production Service
Price $1399

The "Guaranteed Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Production" service is performed based on the following conditions:

1. Customer will provide the sequence information (e.g. name or ID number) of target protein(s).

2. Abiocode will design and produce a specific antigen for immunization using a proprietary technology developed at Abiocode, a process that will take about 3 weeks.

3. Two Rabbits will be immunized by the following protocol:

Day -1:     Obtain pre-immune serum (0.5 to 1 ml)

Day  0:      Immunization (two rabbits/antigen)

Day 21:    1st boost

Day 35:    2nd boost

Day 49:    3rd boost

Day 59:    Production bleed #1 (5 - 10 ml antiserum)

Day 63:    4th boost

Day 73:    Production bleed #2 (5 - 10 ml antiserum)

Day 77:   5th boost

Day 87:   Production bleed #3 (5 - 10 ml antiserum)

Day 91:   Terminal bleed (20 - 30 ml antiserum)

4. A small sample of antisera (50 ul/rabbit) and affinity-purified antibodies from the corresponding antisera (30 ul/rabbit) will be sent to the customer for testing.

5. Upon the customer's satisfaction, 35 to 60 ml of antiserum will be provided. The customer has the option to purchase our affinity-antibody purification service.

6. Abiocode guarantees that the antisera generated from this service will meet the customer's requirements. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, we will issue the customer a full credit refund that can be used to obtain the equal value of any Abiocode's antibody products.

7. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable.

8.  Abiocode retains the right for re-producing and marketing the same product to the scientific community.